About - Chris Both Photography

Originally from Brooklyn but raised in Delaware, I am a young photographer who loves this craft. One of my favorite areas to work on is portraits because I love being able to work one on one. I also have a passion for  wedding photography because it incorporates so many different areas of photography while also forcing me to be creatives in difficult situations. I've always been a calm and laid back guy but I am also easy-going. I believe that this translates into my style of shooting because I don't like to be the "in-your-face" kind of photographer. 

Where did my interesting name come from?

Ever since I was born I was always address by two different names, my first name being Vince and my middle name being Chris (the name I prefer). Vince is my formal name for people who know me from work or school and Chris is the name I am addressed by otherwise. People were often confused not knowing which name to call me by so I came up with one that was easily recognizable which is  Chris Both-of-those.

How did I learn?

Although I spend a small amount of time studying photography while in college, I've spent most of my time learning underneath international photographer Herman Van Den Brandt. I have also spent countless hours on my own learning & practicing to reach the level that I am at today which still continues to this day.

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